Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Gyros Sandwich from a Food Court

Gyros Sandwich

Gyros are basically the Greek variant of a döner kebab. This one from an American food court was a bit salty and dry, and oddly didn't have any onions in it. But I just loaded it up with that tzatziki cucumber yogurt sauce and wolfed it down.

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abraxis said...

Gyros are great and so is doner kebap. I learned that (generally) gyros are usually lamb and doner is usually beef. Also for some odd reason, I've not been able to find gyros after hours. And doner kebap in the USA, forget about it! Find cannot!

I've found them all over Germany (near hauptbahnhofs) and even in Akiba but none in the Ewe Ess of Aay. Weird!!