Thursday, July 16, 2009

Orchard Yong Tau Fu, Cuppage Plaza

Yong Tau Fu

Thanks to whomever recommended this place (5 Koek Road #01-09, 9067-5245). That was easily the best yong tau foo I've had so far. One obvious difference was the quality and selection of ingredients available, including a wide range of greens as well as eggplant in both fresh and fried versions. I passed on the brown sauce, but I loved how they worked sesame seeds into the chili sauce, which gave it an added taste and texture that I enjoyed, even if the sauce was mildly sweet.

Another very notable distinction was the peppery bowl of soybean soup provided on the side; it was far better than that nasty dishwater that one usually gets with this stuff. And to top it off, the proprietors were super friendly. I'll easily come back, but the seating at this place is terribly limited, so I just have to remember to avoid peak hours.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I believe I can be considered as a regular there, seeing as I work nearby. As nice as this gets, it doesn't beat the one at AMK central. You should try that instead.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Glad you liked this yong tau foo. I'm the same whomever who recommended Han Kee fish soup too. =)

calorieshillary said...

Tried this stall on sat. I think it's the garlic in the sauce that makes it tasty.

There is a stall over at Ghim Moh Hawker Center that sells Hakka yong Tau fu. In my opinion, the sauce is nicer than this one. :)