Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ootoya, Orchard Central, Singapore

Sumibiyaki Saba Teishoku with Hijiki Topping

Another chain from Japan has set up an outlet in Singapore, with this one being at the new Orchard Central mall (181 Orchard Road #08-12, 6884-8901). It specialized in teishoku, or set meals that oftentimes involve rice and soup. It doesn't sound like anything too exciting, but that's exactly what I liked about it. It was simple, affordable, and (generally) healthy.

Besides, I enjoyed the rich taste of my saba shioyaki, not to mention the selection of toppings available for my rice. I'll come back long as I can find my way through the unnecessarily complex labyrinth of Orchard Central, that is.


naturefall said...

I am a big fan of Ootoya! Would always have it whenever I am in Japan! So happy they opened in Singapore! Saw a lot of Japs during my meal there today! And I agree too that Orchard Central is just WAY too complex.

diva said...

i totally enjoyed my grilled sea bream the last i visited with a girlfriend. simple home-style cooking which i really liked! and about Orchard Central, since when did maze-like malls become the in thing? i'm no direction-idiot but still i was struggling to work my way round the building.