Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tim's Cascade Style Potato Chips

Tim's Potato Chips

I didn't bother eating on the plane today, especially since Charlie Trotter's mustard thyme scented chicken was being served again. But I couldn't resist nibbling on a bag of these local chips from Washington. I used to eat Tim's chips almost every day when I was staffed in Seattle years ago, but I hadn't come across these since then.

And they were still just as good - if not better - than I remember them, with a super thick and crunchy cut yet full of potato-ey flavor. I like these even better than Kettle Chips, and couldn't resist when the flight attendant came by and asked me if I would like another bag. Rival Lay's might betcha can't eat just one of their chips, but for Tim's, I'll betcha can't eat just one bag.

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Ms Bunny said...

hi travellingboy, i noticed "lying united" with your tim's chips covering off the "F". thought it's quite funny, not too sure you did it on purpose. lol