Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gourmet Burger Union, Hong Kong

Double Truffle

Going all the way to Hong Kong to eat burgers isn't exactly something that I'd typically do. But one of our buddies from London mentioned that Gourmet Burger was a big British chain that was pretty good. And after an afternoon of golf with the fellas, a meaty greasy burger sounded just right. So we made a pit stop here (45 Cochrane Street, 2581-0321) on the way back.

After we went upstairs though, our English friend said that it didn't seem right. It was not the full service restaurant that he was used to, and the menu wasn't quite the same. And when he got the food, he was suspected that this was a knockoff instead. After taking a closer look, we realized that this wasn't the Gourmet Burger Kitchen that he was used to from back home, but rather Gourmet Burger Union, which interestingly also featured a very similar logo of concentric circles.

Well, even if this wasn't the same chain, I still liked my burger. One could go the custom route, but I went for a pre-configured Double Truffle, featuring truffle creme, Gruyère cheese, caramelized onions, and rucola, which worked for me. Sure, the patty was tiny and the fries weren't anything to get excited about, but the way they put all of these flavors together, I was quite happy.


stimmyills said...

Stumbled upon this place one night during the Hong Kong 7s weekend and vowed in my drunken haze that I would visit this - and I did a few days later on my way to the airport.

I loved the paty - had this really good homemade feel to it (chopped and not minced it felt, although am not sure) and went the custom route. Definately a good burger joint in HK of all places!

eatma - another tip the next time you are in HK - just up from GBU on the left is a suposed reknonwed donner kebab place that is open till the wee hours - perfect grease bomb!

Jude said...

Yes! The kebabs were fantastic, Ebeneezer! Best after party snacks ever

Faith said...

This looks really good!! The herbs give it an illusion that its healthy when there's oil falling off the beef. Haha =)

Anonymous said...

Try the Handburger restaurant in the basement of Raffles City shopping centre, my favorite one is "The Works" burger, it has everything in it. Yumz!

John said...

the best kebab place is Beyrouth Cafe on Lyndhurst Terrace, i prefer the chicken to the lamb, but the bread is what makes it great.