Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sawagani Karaage from Rakuichi

Sawagani Karaage

Sweeeet - Rakuchi has sawagani on their list of specials right now...and done just as I remembered having them ages ago, with a bunch of these bite-sized river crabs teeming live in a glass bowl before they get thrown into hot oil. I've been on the lookout for these things for a while. They may not taste like much, but the salt, grease, and crunchiness go perfectly with a cold draft beer. Just be careful not to poke the inside of your mouth with those tiny legs or claws.


Kathy said...

What's with the "sweeeet"? Have you been watching Dude Where's My Car? Haha.

How are the little critters cooked? Are they roasted or deep fried?

Dennis K. said...


Anonymous said...

hey common, I am 50 and I got a dvd copy of " dude, where is your car" People move on. Hopefully to better things. But rembember the good food things. That is why Jesus had a last meal with his friends, I bet. Not to lessen the IMPACT of the Communion or Passover.

Anonymous said...

I must ask, cause I really have eaten dungeness, and king and here in around NC we blue little crab, but how do you eat soft shell crab. shell and all? To me that woud be like going to the ball park and eating the hulls off the peanuts. or the box that the cackerjacks came in. Please teach .