Monday, April 13, 2009

Heong Piah from Yee Hup in Ipoh

Heong Piah from Yee Hup in Ipoh

Hey that was pretty good. A teammate of mine brought these back from her hometown of Ipoh in Malaysia, where apparently this Yee Hup shop is known for this stuff. If you've never tried one of these before, then the photo must look a bit weird, as if it were some tasteless hollow pastry. But what made this thing so addictive was the sweet and salty gooey stuff inside, which - according to the label - was made from sesame and onion. It sounds weird, and might look weird, but it was good enough that I couldn't stop with just one of these. Now if only that flaky skin didn't make such a mess at my desk...


mangobobala said...

your blog smells good, I just want to gobble everything up yum

Pete said...

You can also pan-fry these "heong piah". Place them in a well-oiled frying pan (preferably sesame oil), carefully punch holes into the tops of the "heong piah" & fill the hollows up with lightly-beaten eggs. Cook over low heat till the eggs are firm but still slightly runny. Delicious!

Anonymous said...

No offence here but sorry to point out that the type of heong piah you had are those commercialised type which baked in modern electrical ovens.

Being a true Ipohan, I highly recommend that you should try out the traditional & original type of "heong piah" which are baked in the old way using big clay oven (ala making naan /tandoori style) and using coconut husks to roast the biscuits. The layers of the pastry skin are more fluffy and flaky and it can almost melt in your mouth. The taste are much better coz they used lards!

Demands are high and it's not easy to buy them and usually you need to pre-order them first. Tell your colleague that she can get it from Gunung Rapat village. Hopefully she can bring some to you in her next trip back to Ipoh.

Cheers! HG