Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar, Singapore

Moridakusan Ramen

I got pretty excited when I heard that another ramen shop from Japan had set up an outlet here in Singapore (31 Lorong Liput in Holland Village, 6463-3132), especially since they specialized in my favorite tonkotsu. So we came on down here today to give it a try. It looked encouraging enough at first, with a focused menu and a full array of condiments at one's disposal. But when I got my moridakusan bowl, I was a bit let down, as the broth was borderline too thin for me. The gyoza were also surprisingly limp.

Don't get me wrong; this was still pretty good stuff. If I lived nearby then I'd probably come down here from time to time. And I did like most of the ingredients, including the tasty pork. But for me, the broth is the most important thing, and just wasn't robust enough (whereas Santouka is a bit *too* thick). I guess I'm just rather particular when it comes to tonkotsu, but either way, I'm glad to see that ramen shops are still popping up around here.


Genie said...

That fatty pork looks divine. Love how the eggs look like eyes. How artistic of you.

limleen said...

I tried the roasted garlic ramen.... its okay, but not the best around. Gyoza cannot make it.......

jus tried their mini burgers yesterday too, arghhh... fail to impress me.