Sunday, March 29, 2009

Islamic Restaurant, North Bridge Road

Fish Biryani

The name of this place (745 North Bridge Road, 6298-7563) may seem a bit generic, but these guys have apparently been around since 1921 and are known for biryani. I was really craving some greasy salty rice for some reason, so I hopped on down here tonight.

It didn't exactly knock me off my feet like some of the ones at Tekka Market, but it was good enough that I gobbled this thing down in minutes, even if the fish wasn't exactly the freshest. The place struck me as a bit touristy too, but it was still interesting coming to such an old school place.


Anonymous said...

the portions of buriyani in Singapore are abysmal! normally it should be at least double that quantity!
i remember getting my portion of buriyani at some hawker stall when i was in singapore and thinking what a rip off it was.
If you ever come over to Colombo, Sri Lanka, try the Big Bite Buriyani. It'll knock your socks off and is easily three times the portion you got here!

Pete said...

Islamic's rather dry-ish biryani rice comes with a side-dish of dhal curry - you drench the rice liberally with this curry & it'll taste absolutely heavenly (it's the only way to eat Islamic's biryani). As you've noticed - it is rather different from Alauddin's in Tekka/KK Market.