Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farm House, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Deep-Fried Stuffed Chicken Wings

The Farm House may not sound like a Cantonese restaurant, but I guess that was the literal translation from Chinese (first floor of Ming An Plaza at 8 Sunning Road, 2881-1331). It definitely had all of the hallmarks of a Hong Kong restaurant though: dark-suited wait staff standing around everywhere, photos of celebrities proudly on display, and a menu that prominently featured shark's fin, abalone, and sea cucumber. But we didn't come for any of that. We heard that this place was known for some kind of a deep fried chicken wing stuffed with rice, and surely enough, that was the first thing we ordered.

I wasn't quite sure how they could stuff a chicken wing, but they found a way to vacate the center of the wing by removing the bones and then shoving glutinous rice inside. Combine that with the crispy meat and skin surrounding the rice (and an interesting complement of Worchestershire sauce on the side), and it worked, even if the taste wasn't as mindblowing as it was made out to be.

While we were at it, we also grabbed an assortment of dim sum, all of which were better than average, as seen in the tender dumplings and buns as well as generous chunks of mango inside the mango pudding. I probably won't come back for the stuffed chicken wing alone (Buffalo-style for me instead, please!), but at least it was interesting to see.


Pete said...

I loved those stuffed chicken wings by Farm House when I was living in HK years ago. Thanks for the memories!

CT said...

i remember that the Thais have stuffed chix wings too... they take the meat out, mince it with some spices/ seasoning (and maybe mushrooms) and stuff it back in.