Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pinkberry, Santana Row, San Jose

PinkberryIt looks like Southern California's Pinkberry has finally opened up north (360 Santana Row #102, 408-557-8135). I wasn't quite sure what the big deal was about this place as it looked like just an everyday frozen yogurt with fruit on top, but this was very tangy and rich...ultimately one of the better tasting ones that I've had. Even if it was just a passing fad, at least it was partially justified.


Deb said...

This reminds me of Red Mango, which I really enjoy. It's also frozen yogurt topped with fruits, although it originates from Korea. If you are interested, the company recently opened a store at Suntec City, right next to Carrefour.

bma said...

In fact, I'm told that Pinkberry is a knockoff of Red Mango. Wow - I didn't realize that there was one in Singapore. Thanks for the tip.

Ray from Campusfork said...

Great blog!
Keep writing!

I found out what makes Pinkberry rock! Interview their VP.


Anonymous said...

Pinkberry was sorbetto at starbucks before and I believe this was before red mango. Red mango is the knock-off if I'm not mistaken

alletseel said...

well according to sources both editorial and anecdotal, Red-Mango is the original from Korea. It did not set up shop initially in the U.S. because the management did not think it would sell. Then Pinkberry was launched by a Korean woman in LA. It is legendary because it "launched a thousand parking tickets". People would park their cars illegally on the street to buy Pinkberry- their first outlets were on the West Side of LA. After Pinkberry expanded like crazy, Red- Mango came in and essentially are now playing catch up to their own idea.