Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lau Di Fang Scissors-Cut Curry Rice

Scissors Cut Curry Rice

If the food in the photo looks like a random pile of "economic rice," that's because it more or less was. I was more interested in this because of the odd-sounding name. It was called such because of that breaded pork cutlet in the foreground, which was cut with a pair of scissors before being thrown onto the plate. It pretty much tasted like I expected it to: lukewarm, greasy, and nothing too remarkable, although the whole garlic cloves in the cabbage as well as the coconut-heavy curry were pleasant surprises.


elvyn said...

LDF is actually a pretty famous economy rice stall but from the pic, u probably ate it from a food court right. The authentic version can be found near little india, walking distance from lavender food court at eminent plaza. its open till late i think and its bound to be much better..

Genie said...

How strange that the cutting utensil used would feature in the name. Did it taste different to if it were cut with a knife?

I wonder if anyone else says "I love scissor cut food"?

min~* said...

it doesnt look right! the scissors curry rice should come with a thick darker gravy. an authentic stall would spoon curry and a black thick gravy together onto your rice. and they should be cutting everything with their scissors. :) everything that can be cut that is. not veggies. :p