Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yakisoba from Nanjya Monjya, Singapore

Yasai Yakisoba

This was our yakisoba from Nanjya Monjya, a place that we really should go to much more frequently than we do now. I had forgotten about what a great menu these guys had, as well as their long dinner hours. Besides, it's always fun to throw things around on a hot griddle.


limleen said...

does the onomiyaki taste wonder ? said...

I realy enjoy your blog.Thanks for the time and effort. I know you dislike chain places, but reccently I ate at PY Changs in NC, and it was great ( for a chain store). Everyone ( there were six of us) had an excellent meal for under 90 bucks) If you are in the RDU area, check them out. Also the Mayflower seafood on highway 15-501, a modest place, but the best fried oysters and shrimp in Durham/Chapel hill. Not pretentious, a family place, (no alcohol) but you get a 14 large claabash style giant shrimp or oysters, potato, and great slaw for $11.90. The proprietors are nice. The place is aways packed with locals. While you are at it , skip the Barbeque places (ka Parker, Abram's, Bulloucks etc... It is all commercialized now.