Monday, December 15, 2008

Taiwanese Fool's Noodles from Changi Airport

Sha gua gan mian

I'd never seen this in Taiwan before, so it's a bit odd that I came to discover it tonight at Singapore's Changi Airport...and after a flight from Beijing, no less. Anyway, a local shop called Peng Lai Ge selling Taiwanese food at the basement of Terminal 3 had something called sha gua gan mian, or literally translated, Fool's Dry Noodles. It was just a small bowl of hot noodles with nothing more than some soy sauce, vinegar, scallions, and chili oil on top. That combination of condiments worked so well for me that I went right back for another bowl. I should look for the real thing next time I'm up in Taipei.


Anonymous said...

Hi there hungryboy there is a pretty good taiwanese noodle shop at Far East Plaza along scotts road in orchard, i believe its located on the 5th floor, order the Dan Dan noodles and pan fried dumplings, they are really value for money. if i can get the unit number i will post it again.


Kathy said...

It's not that great. They are actually a mainland chinese run shop and the dan dan mian is appallingly unauthentic. Then again, Sichuan food is not easy to be authentically duplicated.

Try the noodles at Ba Yu. The beef (rice) noodles are pretty good.

There's a new grubby looking joint just beside Mong Kok dimsum in Geylang, they have Xinjiang style kebabs and noodles. Try the dry dan dan mian there, it isn't authentically Sichuan, but it has a faint spice mix vaguely similar to Xiao Ping's mala soup.

iamsmurfette said...

Yes, there is fool's dry noodle in Taipei... you may explore it in xiao nan meng (little south gate) area. Enjoy your taiwan trip!

Aboobaker S. Omar said...

I tried that last night at home after reading up here, gotta agree, the condiment mix does go along pretty well. I'm gonna look out for that in the stalls!