Sunday, December 14, 2008

Panfried Chicken on SQ Econ Class

Panfried chicken in coriander sauce with roasted vegetables and potatoes

Hey that wasn't too bad. The chicken was super juicy and the coriander sauce went well with it. Too bad the new square trays didn't match the seats, as this was one of the old planes with the non-VOD systems. I couldn't even watch the movie I wanted because the tracking was so bad that the audio kept fading in and out.


Apocalypta said...

Is this the Gordon Ramsay chicken dish? If so, it's actually pretty good, especially since it's chicken breast.

Alisha L. Miranda said...

This looks tasty. I'm glad you're having good luck with airplane food than most people!

Anonymous said...

some of the old seats to have AVOD, depends on how old the aircraft is. see the registration of the aircraft to note. the 747s do have AVOD. anyway, you will see less of such planes in time to come (when the A330s come in and some regional 777s get refurbished).