Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Run to Anjappar Singapore

Clockwise from bottom: sura puttu, steamed basmati rice, and dry chilly chicken

In the mood for something spicy today, I decided to give Anjappar another go, this time focusing on some of the reader suggestions from last time. Surely enough, with every order I placed, the staff here tried to upsell me to something else. But I held firm and stuck with the suru puttu shark meat as well as steamed rice instead of biryani. I also grabbed a dry chilly chicken on the advice of one of my colleagues.

The shark flakes came out in a tiny little dish and tasted like it looked: a bit dry and nothing that I'll go out of my way for again, but was still very edible nonetheless. I was much more impressed with the chilly chicken with its solid punch of flavor without being sweet. Everything here was really salty, but in many ways, that was a good thing when paired with that big bowl of white rice.

Indeed, I still had some rice left, so I squeezed in their namesake Special Anjappar Chicken Masala at the last minute. This dark brown gravy concoction wasn't as interesting as I had hoped for, but at least they offered me a boneless option to help make it easier to finish off the job. I plan to come back - there is at least one more spicy chicken dish here that I want to try.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty much guess that some people are very fussy about food. Even if they're given the best food on earth, they wouldn't know how to appreciate. We should be glad that we've got food to eat rather than nothing 2 munch on (like many others around the world)!!!