Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lord Stow's Bakery, Macau

Portuguese Egg Tart

We decided to make a run down to Coloane Village today to check out where the Portuguese egg tart was supposed to have been invented. While these still left a sinister oil stain on your napkin underneath, these buttery things were lighter than Margaret's from yesterday. In that sense, I think I prefer Margaret's over Lord Stow's, precisely because I felt much more guilty about eating the former. I guess that there was some mischievious pleasure in eating something that you knew couldn't be good for you.

Well, if you do come down to Lord Stow's, of course check out the original bakery (1 Rua do Tassara, 2888-2534). But if you walk about 100 yards in either direction, you'll also find the cafe offshoots where you can sit down in air-conditioned and serviced comfort. I couldn't really find much else around the Coloane Village area to make me feel like it was worth the effort to come all the way down here though.


Anonymous said...

I check my mail before hitting the rack each night and also take a look at your blog. You are responsible for many late night snacks that I should do without. Thanks for the time and effort on your part.

Helder Fraguas said...

Great insight on these wonderful sweet that you find in Macau just like in Portugal. Macau is such a wonderful place for food lovers.
Helder Fraguas