Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Return Leg on Airebus

Some Thai Green Curry on Airebus

Here was the Airebus meal on the return to Singapore. This Thai green chicken curry was so boring that I hardly even touched it. But to be fair, that was probably more of a result of the half chicken that I managed to gobble down at Nando's again just before getting on the bus tonight. It's hard to beat that spicy Nando's chicken!

How about my thoughts on Airebus versus Aeroline now that I've gone through this return leg? Interestingly, the service tonight was much more engaging than on the outbound leg, which was certainly appreciated. But something about my experience on Aeroline still seemed more solid for some reason.

Well, it doesn't matter. I'm pretty much going to stick to Airebus from now on, mainly because the embarkation points are so close to where I need to go that it was nearly door-to-door service. And that door-to-door timing without having to go all the way out to the airport and back (on both the KL and Singapore sides) is precisely one of the reasons why the bus is so much better to me than flying.


Aboobaker S. Omar said...

Is that baked beans served with Thai green curry?!

bma said...

Yeah, it was. Weird, eh?

Aboobaker S. Omar said...

Weird is an understatement.
To be honest, that chicken looks vile.
And I love your blog! Only wish you posted everyday.