Friday, June 13, 2008

St. John Bar & Restaurant, London

Cold Middlewhite and Chutney

Murphy's Law prevailed today. I was so looking forward to trying this place's famous bone marrow (26 St John Street, 020-7251-0848). But when I arrived for a late lunch, they had sold out already. Crap! Resigned, I nearly gave up and started to look for another lunch venue. Fortunately, I slapped myself out of it before it was too late. This *was* number 16 on Restaurant Magazine's Top 50 list after all, so it was likely that anything else there had to be good too (these guys specialize in eating every single part of the pig - "nose to tail eating," as they call it).

Indeed, it was amazing. All I grabbed was a small starter of the cold Middlewhite pork at the bar to go with my beer, but my eyes lit up with glee at the first bite. The meat was just bursting in a smoky roasted pork taste, all with a crispy layer of crackling to boot. I didn't even bother with that little raisin chutney on the side, although it did provide a nice tart counterpoint to the pork fat when needed. While I didn't get a full meal here today, this place is definitely one that I'm coming back for on my next trip out here...and early enough to grab the bone marrow next time!

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Anonymous said...

i've had lunch at st john. the menu is strictly for people who don't mind eating organs and other funny parts. otherwise you'll pay quite a bit of money and still leave the restaurant hungry. btw, there's another restaurant nearby that's opened up that you might be interested in. Smiths of Smithfields (SOS) is for all serious meat eaters.