Monday, June 09, 2008

A Doner Kebab from Berlin's Hasir

Doner Kebab

Whoa - that was unexpected. Seeking a post-drinking kebab from the streets of Berlin, I made my way to one of the outlets of Hasir (10 Massenstrasse, 215-6060), which was apparently one of the originators of the handheld kebab back in the day. But what I got instead was a plate with all of the ingredients laid out and sauces on the side. I guess this was meant to be a DIY product, eh?

It was still good, especially with the crispy shavings of meat (almost carnitas-like). I didn't bother trying to assemble it into one of those things with the bread though...I just ate it right off the plate. Maybe next time I should look for one of those kebab stands rather than the proper sit-down place that this was.


Mr.galle said...

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lordsnipe said...

Some of the kebab shops in Australia sell wrapped kebabs and kebabs on a plate. Sure you didn't ask for the latter with your broken "high school German"??

Anonymous said...

You got the Döner "Teller" (plate). Of course you are not supposed to assemble it into a sandwich yourself, that would draw a lot of attention *grin*. You should order the Döner "Tasche" (pocket)to get the sandwich.

Sheezcute said...

Mmmmm.. will be in Singapore FINALLY from HK and can't wait to try the many beforementioned places!!! *slurp* Thanks for the food porn.

Genie said...

What kind of beast was that? It looks very pink like ham. Or maybe it's just the photo/lighting.

EndlosLuft said...

Wow -- you go all the way to Hasir on Maasenstr. and you miss a total Berlin institution around the corner. You really, really, really, need some better tips when you go to Berlin the next time.