Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Singapore Noodles on SQ??

Singapore Noodles

Whoa - was that what I thought I saw? Yep - Singapore Noodles indeed, and perhaps the closest I've come to seeing "Singapore Noodles" in Singapore. OK - this was technically in Hong Kong, but the sheer fact that it was at the Silver Kris lounge and on SQ porcelain was something I didn't think that I would see. I can only assume that this was all done by the local caterers given the Cantonese chili oil also available here.


Pete said...

The first time I'd ever tried "Singapore fried noodles" was in HK as well (Seibu basement food hall in Pacific Place) in 1992. I'd thought that it was a HK invention (until I saw similar dishes in NY, DC & London Chinatowns later). Shouldn't be a surprise if you found this in SQ's Lounge in HK!

Kathy said...

Try this place in Far East Plaza fifth floor. I can't remember the exact name, Susan Chan Delights? You should take the escalator that takes you to Nanbantei and just keep going up. It's the chinese food shop behind the pillar, it's not Sakura Thai.

The people who run it migrated from Hk, order the "Sing Chow Mi Fun". It's doesn't come with curry powder though you could ask for some. Their food's pretty good but portions are small so I guess it's a good excuse to order a lot. Ha.