Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kitchen Mogu Mogu, Far East Plaza

Hanbaagu Suteki

The food here (14 Scotts Road #01-07) was nothing to get excited about; not only was my hanbaagu burned dry underneath, but the rice was clumpy too. This place, was notable however for its execution, as it used self-ordering/payment kiosks that are commonly found in Japan. After the order gets placed, simply collect your food from the faceless kitchen staff and sit yourself down. It'd be interesting if a QB House opened nearby in order to really get the kiosk action going.

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Anonymous said...

Was going to warn you that it sucked, too late! Hah.

The Hainanese chicken rice on the fifth floor of Far East is pretty good, as is the obscure Indian restaurant serving North Indian style food.

Thanks for the Baikohken tip-off.

The Penang hawker buffet at York Hotel is here again. Have you tried the food there before? I think you might like it.