Friday, February 01, 2008

Pierogis and Chard on United

Spice-rubbed chicken with vodka sauce, potato pierogis, and Swiss chard

Here's yet another United long haul meal on the way back. Not surprisingly, it didn't stand out that much. But at least I learned a couple of new things. Pierogis were apparently some kind of large Polish potato-filled dumplings, while chard was a leafy green vegetable that was lot less tasty than it looked.


Victor said...

Pierogi (dont't add s coz it's already plural) filled with potatos mixed with white cheese are called "pierogi ruskie" (russian dumplings), even though they are stricktly polish :) But for me the best pierogi are the ones filled with minced meat, usually my mom makes them by taking the beef meat used to make broth. They are always delicious!

bma said...

Thanks - presumably that's a larger version of Russian pelmeni?

Yeah, I suspected that about the plural form, but I was taking it verbatim from the United menu. Looks like their copy editor needs a quick heads-up!

victor said...

Well you can say that this is a bigger version of pelmeni, but also you could say it's a bigger version of raviolis. Polish pierogi should like like
and the sizes vary from 7-8 cm long (like my mothers) up to 15-18 cm. Its the shape that makes the diffrence, for the recipes are diffrent for everybody, like with all traditional plates.

victor said...

maybe this link work: