Monday, February 25, 2008

D'Peak Steamboat King Chinese Restaurant

Sichuan Hot Pot

Yeah, this place (64 Prinsep Street, 6337-0858) has a weird name. But an earlier discussion today reminded me that I hadn't had Sichuan hot pot in quite a while. And given how brutal of a day it was at the office where I was so busy that I literally forgot to eat dinner, it was convenient that many of these dumpy hot pot places were open late enough for me to go to after I finally finished work. The sign here said that they were open from 5 PM - 5 AM.

As with most of these sorts of places, there isn't much to be said about the quality of the food, and there is even less to be said about the appearance of everything. But the spicy broth was effective enough for me to consider this borderline passable, even if the "clear broth" on the other side seemed to be unnecessarily overloaded with MSG. They had sa cha sauce available, but it was the Mainland Chinese version rather than Taiwanese, and thus unfavorably sweet. As a result, this by no means could compare to the Whispering Man's now defunct establishment, and I'm not exactly going to come running back right away. Still, it ultimately satiated the need for a late-night (if unhealthy) meal. I wonder how their a la carte menu of Sichuan food fares.


cindy said...

did u buy a camera of late? your photos are nicer these days (for the pass maybe 3 mths at least) compared to before. every food pic now looks so tasty.

bma said...

Nope - still the same N95 from nine months ago.

Anonymous said...

Steamboat? What's a steamboat?