Friday, January 25, 2008

Some Kind of a Chinese Meatball

Some Chinese Meatball

Here's some kind of Chinese meatball from that martial arts theme restaurant on Temple Street in Singapore. They were so proud of it that they put it at the top of the menu, and only served them individually. There was a salted egg yolk in the center of the meatball that gave it all the more of an edge.

To me, this is much better than that fen jen pork rib stuff, since you still get the steamed sticky rice coating but don't have to deal with all of those bone fragments. I'm not sure if I understand why they made the point that you can only have one though; regardless, I'm sure that your cholesterol count will be thankful.


Crunchasarus Rex said...

What did it taste like..??

bma said...

Oh yeah...that's kind of an important detail that I neglected, eh? Sorry. I think that the meat was pork, so just imagine a greasy ground pork-based meatball covered in soft sticky rice, all the while having a salted egg yolk in the center of it all. It wasn't spicy or anything like that...just rich from the pork. And the salted egg yolk, while perhaps sounding a bit eccentric, fit right in, giving it just a mild amount of stank without making it offensive. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of ferraro rocher chocolate - asian style?


Flavor said...

Seems like a japanese-chinese fusion dish...looks marvelous!

Pete said...

It looked delicious! I agree with you regarding the cholesterol count on something this rich, but I'm going down to Chinatown today just to try it!