Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grilled Dried Squid from Phuket

Dried Squid

These dried squid were dangling from a wire at a random street stall here in Phuket. She was actually selling a bunch of skewered meats to be grilled on a flame, most of which turned out a bit on the sweet side. But the squid struck me as particularly odd, as it was clearly already dried out and salty while hanging there. And yet she proceeded to throw it onto the grill, whereupon it shriveled up and then still tasted just like you would expect it to: dry, tough, salty, and fishy. I suppose that it's a bit like beef jerky, but is there supposed to be something more to it?


ClearTear said...

it should taste nice right, like those cuttlefish snacks. Unless its not clean, thus fishy, or not wash a little, thus over salty.

A said...

You need to tear out the fibres and eat them rather than bite a whole piece of it.