Monday, January 28, 2008

Fried Rice and Satay on UA Economy

Fried Rice and Satay

Here was the economy class meal on United this morning, featuring what seemed to have been the first time that I'd seen satay served on board. It certainly wasn't SQ's version with the peanut sauce and onions, but it was a needed break from the usual omelette. The rest of the meal was easily forgettable.


Pete said...

Speaking of satay on-board airlines, you must try Malaysia Airlines' satay if you ever have the chance - it's delicious!

An ex-colleague of mine (I used to work for Singapore Airlines as well) who's in SIA's Inflight Services Division tells me that SIA's been trying to get the satay recipe from Malaysia Airlines' caterer for years without success!

Anonymous said...

one stick only?! thats sad