Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Couple of Grape Calpis Variations

The one on the right doesn't have yogurt in itGeez - there sure are a lot of Calpis variations here in Taiwan (were there even this many in Japan?). Here were a couple grape-flavored ones that I spotted at a 7-Eleven today, the first of which (on the left) was my favorite of them all, combining the signature Calpis yogurt base with the fake grape taste of Bubblicious gum. The one on the right was a bit puzzling though, as there was no yogurt in that one; it was really just a fruit drink. Is that why they kept the Calpis logo so small?


Camemberu said...

Oh yes, I love the Kyouhou grape one! Somebody bring more Calpis to Singapore please!

Anonymous said...

look at the wikipedia calpis and you'll find out about the variations

ice said...

hey cam i tink i saw the diff ones @yamakawa at The Central just the other day! :)