Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tamayu Ramen from Arauma, Osaka

Tamayu Ramen

I'm not sure if I know what tamayu ramen is (is it named after the hot springs?), but this was pretty darned good, with its salty rich broth and thin slices of meat. This was from a shop near the east entrance of the JR Osaka station, and I liked how they kept the noodles firm, not to mention leaving big bowls of kimuchi and bamboo shoots in the center of the restaurant for you to grab at will. I guess that those dark spots were some special kind of soy sauce or something?

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JadedOne said...

Those black spots are similar to what I had at Maru Ichi ramen in Downtown Mountain View. When I had their special ramen there it was actually browned garlic oil