Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mo Far Kor (what did you call me?)

Mo Far Kor

This sh*t is awesome. While they may not look like much physically, these thin strips of dried papaya coated in sugar are tangy little pieces of fun. I guess that they are kinda like the local version of SweeTarts, although of course based on real fruit, and somehow with a bit of salt (not in a distracting way though).

This stuff used to be sold in a funky container featuring some dude on the front, but I haven't been able to find any of those anymore (did they go away?). At least it still has the amusing name. These were so addictive that I cleared half of the bottle before I had to force myself to stop.


Anonymous said...

its not papaya.. its actually fig :) its supposed to cure your sore throat.


Anonymous said...


guardian, watsons and 7-11's (at IP) sell that but at very varying prices. check before buying. 8-)

@k - it's papaya. you're thinking of a different snack.

Sab said...

hmmm....it does say papaya on the container though.

But I am quite certain the "old man" one is fig. Wanted to buy one for my younger colleague coz' she says she's never seen it before but couldn't find it in the stores anymore.

Jeffrey Lim said...


it ain't papaya

ClearTear said...

maybe this is an imitation of mo far kor (cantonese). Real one is using fig meh??

Go to indian mama stall, some sell even tastier one.

Thengz said...

This stuff brings back old memories for me...

I use to have a friend in army who looks like the guy on the container of this stuff, and we all call him Mo Far Kor as a result.

Absolutely hilarious.

Pity there isn't the photo of the guy any more! o_O

Stepmother said...

Hmm Hungryboy, are you pregnant?

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Thengz said...

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mama bok said...

I certainly missed snacks like this in Asia..! now i know what to tell my hubs.. when he asks me what i wanna snack on.. hah!

Camemberu said...

LOL!!! I laughed out loud when I read the "what did you call me?" - never in my life did I connect Mo Far Kor (meaning "non-flowering fruit") with that, erm, term of endearment! Thanks! I'll never look at this preserved fruit the same way again!

Ms. Red Pen said...

Reading you blog made me way too hungry! I was just in Singapore for the second time a few weeks ago and my whole reason for the visit was eating. What a foodie paradise!