Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chameleon (Sorakyu), Robertson Walk

Mentaiko Potato

One wouldn't have thought this (Robertson Walk #01-17, 6238-7827) to be a Japanese place when glancing at the multi-colored signboard and name. But upon closer inspection, one finds that this place is also called Sorakyu, specializing in shochu, and having quite an extensive menu of izakaya-fare.

Most of our usual favorites worked out pretty well. Sure, there were some small oddities like the potato mentaiko being based on sliced rather than mashed potatoes (and the yaki onigiri being completely naked without even a pinch of salt or soy sauce in it), but it all went down the same. I'll easily come back again (gotta love the fragrant chili oil and cheese in the maguro rayu-ae...mmm). It just gets a bit pricey when each little dish and drink adds up.


Cavalock said...

looks great. is that regular potato or japanese sweet potato?


bma said...