Sunday, February 04, 2007

Breda Royal Lager

Breda Royal Lager

I was expecting this unfamiliar brand of beer to be total crap, seeing that these only seemed to appear at supermarkets as one of the cheapest beers that one could buy, a bit akin to Natural Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon from back in college. So when I saw these on sale at 7-Eleven for only S$2.20 (US$1.40...don't forget that Singapore taxes alcohol so heavily here that some post-work beers can run up to US$7 a pop...and that's at Happy Hour prices!), I had to pick up a couple cans just for the sheer novelty of it all, even if it potentially tasted like water.

The surprising thing though was that it had more flavor than I thought it would, and ended up being nothing like 'ol "Natty Light." Granted, it still won't be something that I will immediately reach for, but if the only choices for the day were this versus Natural Light, I know which one I'd reach for.

One thing that I couldn't quite figure out though was that this is brewed in Holland exclusively for the British Channel Islands. I guess it somehow made its way over to Singapore since then.

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