Monday, January 15, 2007

Jaan, Swissotel the Stamford Singapore

Pastilla of Confit Duck Leg

I'm normally not a huge fan of French food, so I didn't quite know what to expect from this place with the Indian-sounding name (it turns out that jaan is Sanskrit for "bowl," and apparently many of the Raffles hotels around the world also have a Jaan restaurant). Located up on the 70th floor at the Equinox Complex of Swissotel the Stamford (6431-6156), this rather small place of course had a great view of the ocean. OK, that was pretty much what I would expect of a place this upscale. But how was the food?

I went for the set lunch menu, which provided a number of various choices. First up for me was a Pastilla of Confit Duck Leg that thoroughly impressed. Calling it a giant egg roll would be a major insult (a pastilla is Moroccan in origin, BTW), as the skin was super tasty from the oil yet still crispy, and went magically together with the tender duck stuffing and raspberry sauce. Next up on my list was a lamb rump, where they also gave you the choice of all sorts of sauces and sides. Mine with a red port jus and truffle parmesan rizoni again seemingly came together like magic (and yes, the lamb was very, very tender). I closed this off with a Jivara Mille-Feuille dessert that fortunately wasn't too sweet, and hence got another thumbs up from me.

Wow. This totally beat my expectations given my dislike of both French food and chi-chi places. I'd come back right away if it weren't for one huge shortcoming: the tables are placed rather close together, and sound really carries in this place. I literally overheard some other table five tables away discussing their business plan, which meant that they could also hear us just as clearly. That being the case, I doubt that I'll be taking any important clients here. But I sure liked the food.


fluffylyd said...

i love jaan. the risoni and tarte tatin and chocolate tart.. mmm lucky you!

Nobody Cares said...

I had an enjoyable evening at Jaan in early January 07. I strongly recommend the main course maine lobster which I felt was uniquely prepared. The richness of the dish is simply one of a kind. FYI, the lobster is served de-shelled so no fuss over the fork n knife. I ended my 3-course meal with a Jaan coffee. Wow! It's a good way to end a gourmet dining on a rainy evening...

Anonymous said...

We came to this restaurant because of the view, and left because of the food..

A friend warned me that the Champagne they so kindly offer "to start the evening" costs 150$ per glass, so we refused.

We also didn't want wine and they kept coming back asking if we want it. in the end, they gave up and took the wine glasses..

Food is naturally expensive in this place - and we didn't find it worth the money spent.

You can find much better and filling food in Choupinette - a French restaurant not far from the Botanic Gardens.

We found nothing special in this restaurant except for the view - but it would be better to try the Equinox bar if you're coming for the view - most tables there are near the windows and the food (according to the menu) seems to be better.
When we came to Jaan, only few of the tables were near the windows and were already taken.

xeven said...

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