Saturday, December 16, 2006

El Establo, Buenos Aires

Bife de chorizo with a few drops of some kind of sauce on the closer end of the plate

This place (489 Calle Paraguay, 4311-1639) came recommended by a family sitting next to me at Las Nazarenas yesterday. It was a much more humble and downscale place, and I don't think I even saw an asador fire pit in here (instead, they just had the flat parrilla grill). It didn't matter though - we were in here to get more steak (hey - this country apparently has one of the highest beef consumption rates in the world).

I picked up the bife de chorizo cut today, which is another popular one out here. Contrary to how it sounds, this cut has nothing to do with sausage. Instead, it's just a NY strip, although it seemed to have the taste of a ribeye. Either way, it was tastier than the bife de lomo thanks to some of that fat interweaved into the meat. They also had some bottles of sauce on the table, which was unclear to me if it were that local chimichurri or not (it tasted an helluva lot like A-1 Steak Sauce instead). Regardless, that vinegar-based stuff just covered up the great taste of the meat itself, so I didn't really use it too much.

I don't know if I'd go so far to say that this place was better than Las Nazarenas (maybe there were even better things to order here?), but it was tasty, and it worked for me. The good thing is that they offered half-orders, which is great considering the gargantuan sizes that are considered to be "normal." And most of these cuts were priced at about 20 Pesos; thanks to the beauty of the Argentine currency devaluation, that clocks in at a whopping US$7 or so. Gotta love it.

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