Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Couple Random Snacks From Phuket

Pork rinds with hair still on them

Here's just a couple random snacks from the streets of Phuket, the first of which are bags of pork rinds sold by some cart on the street. Interestingly, these still had some hair on them (look at the piece at the bottom). It didn't really make that much difference in taste, but it was interesting to see. Actually, the fact that these pieces were too lean and hence rock hard were bigger problems with these bags. At least they were only 15 Baht (US$0.40).

Spy Classic Wine CoolerAnd here is some local wine cooler called Sky from Siam Winery that we picked up at 7-Eleven for 35 Baht (US$0.90). I'm not exactly any huge fan of wine coolers (nor wine itself for that matter); I think the last wine cooler I ever had was that Bartles and Jaymes stuff ages and ages ago. This one in particular struck me as being on the sweet side.


mingyou said...

Great pic on the soda can...its classic!

DK said...

The "hair" should be pork floss.