Saturday, October 28, 2006

Banana Pancakes from Phuket

The Banana Pancake Man

Here's a slightly more commercialized version of Thai banana roti, which is not surprising seeing that we were right on Soi Bangla, the main drag of the touristy Patong Beach. The price was twice that of the more humble guy in Bangkok at 40 Baht (US$1).

Well, touristy or not, this was still good, complete with the drizzled-on condensed milk straight from the can, not to mention a radioactive orange-colored butter to help him serve this thing to us piping hot on a paper plate.


SuperOreoGirl said...

your blog and i have a love hate relationship. HAHA. i love checking out the foodies you blog about, but when i have food cravings, damnit!

anyway, totally love the banana pancakes! i made my own version when i came back .... with those instant pratas you get from supermarkets. was not as good, but still, laden with calories like the original. :)

baobei said...

found my way here searching for Sushi Yoshida...

interesting reads on food :)

dont you miss in & out burger? LOL

Kimberly said...

OH WOW!! I totally forgot about these! When I was staying in Chiang Mai, every not so sober stumble home involved wayyyy too many servings of this delicious crepe. So tasty indeed.