Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Fine Line Between Food and Soap

Sweet Basil Foot Scrub

OK, this isn't food, but I really *did* want to eat it. You know how fancy soap is often scented in fruity flavors and other variations like coconut and almond to the point where they smell like candy or some sort of dessert? One in particular seen at a store here in Bangkok today (upscale soap is for sale all over the city; probably due to all the spas around here) was particularly striking to me: a basil-flavored foot scrub. A whiff of this stuff just reminded me of a nice piping hot bowl of the point where I wanted to eat. And then I had to remind myself that this is a foot scrub. Hmph. They'd better not make a lip balm version of this.

Boots Beer & Egg ConditionerAnother interesting thing I saw was a Beer & Egg Conditioner. I opened this bottle to see what "beer & egg" would smell like in your hair (it sounded like something that would naturally happen after a bad night at an old college party or something), but it smelled just like a normal floral scent used in any other hair care product. Oh well. This technically was from an English drug store chain (rather than the local product above) anyway.


Diane said...

You should try getting a whiff of the Rausch "Ei & Oel / Egg and Oil" shampoo, which smells spectacularly and yummily of eggnog.

mel said...

hmmmm...ever wonder how a durian-scented conditioner would smell like?! hahhaa! does not need much of an imagination i suppose...btw, have you tried this exotic fruit? ;)