Tuesday, June 27, 2006

White Castle

White Castle Sack Meal 1

Seeing that I didn't get a chance to stop by White Castle last time I was in the Midwest, I made sure to grab a few sliders today on my way to the airport. In retrospect, I'm not sure why I did, as it was pretty nasty, to be honest. And it's not like I didn't know what it would taste like. Maybe it was just because it had been so long since I had been to a White Castle in person. And I'd been eating the frozen version for so long that I probably secretly hoped that the real thing would be much better. But the only thing different was the pickle slice (and maybe the fact that it was steamed properly unlike my unevenly nuked microwave version). Even the fries included in this "sack" were disappointingly hard. Perhaps the only thing interesting was that the little mustard packs supplied here were labeled "Dusseldorf Mustard," a dark colored version that I suspect isn't exactly the spicy kind that one gets in Germany (can anyone verify?), but I sure liked it better than that crude yellow French's stuff.

Oh well. Like one Chicagoan once told me, nobody really eats White Castle as a real meal. It's just something to eat late at night when you are drunk. I don't think I'll make as much of an effort next time to eat this next time I'm in the neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

you should look this extra hot Löwensenf mustard originally from Dusseldorf.