Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dan Ryan's Disappoints Again

Vienna Beef Hot Dog from Dan Ryan's

In need of a quick snack this afternoon, I figured that I might stop by Dan Ryan's, seeing that they got their Vienna Beef hot dogs back. Actually, it took a bit of effort: they listed them on a separate sandwich menu which wasn't obvious unless you asked for it. Worse, the look on my face when this arrived was one of utter disappointment. Instead of a real Chicago hot dog with all the fixings, all they brought out was a boring old hot dog with nothing more but onions, relish, and mustard.

What a shocker...I'm pretty sure that the one I had from these guys a good number of years ago was complete with all the Chicago-style condiments. This place used to be very dependable...did Dan Ryan's change chefs or managers or something? While the food was still edible, I'm losing faith in this place quickly.


Anonymous said...

Dan Ryan's used to be a favourite of mine like 6years ago but it's been going downhill steadily and right now I don't think it can even compare to the major american franchises like tony roma's, kenny rogers etc.

Mister Fedward Hyde said...

it's mediocre at best. with those prices it becomes even worse. bleah