Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Bangkok Airways Meal Going Home

Pork Noodle

This pork noodle plate was a forgettable meal, and a bit of a letdown after that good meal on the way into Koh Samui. The other choice was lasagna, which I would have ordered, had I not misheard the flight attendant into thinking that it was laksa. I'm told the lasagna was pretty good. Oh well. I was pretty full from that last meal at the airport anyway.

Leo BeerI got to try this Leo beer though, which is another local Thai brew. I was surprised that it was nearly as good as Singha, and definitely light years beyond that nasty Chang stuff.

Anyway, I must say that Bangkok Airways is impressively good for such a little airline. They are friendly and clean with half decent meals, complete with little touches like towelettes and a counter at the gate providing courtesy cups of juice. The ride was certainly not an unpleasant one.

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Anonymous said...

Read this blog. Also great eaters like u. Travel often and just covered LA. Food looks good too. Have a good read :)JF