Saturday, March 11, 2006

Annalakshmi Dosa Deli at Biopolis

Onion Dosai with some cabbage

It's not often that one goes to a restaurant and is asked, "How much would you like to pay, sir?" That's exactly what I was asked here today. Annalakshmi is an Indian vegetarian restaurant that has no prices; as they say, "eat what you want and give as you feel," and the money goes to The Temple of Fine Arts to support art and charity. They've got outlets in KL, Penang, Perth, Coimbatore, and Chennai. Here in Singapore, they've got a location at the Excelsior, but with smaller extensions called Dosa Delis, one of which sits in the Makansutra-promoted "Soul Food" (we're not talking about Southern food here) food court at the spanking clean Biopolis biomedical science center.

I grabbed an onion dosai, which seemed a bit undercooked inside but was still pretty tasty with a gritty texture and mildly (but perfectly) sour gravy. A real surprise for me was the cabbage, which was stir-fried Chinese-style with dry chili peppers, as well as the orange lassi (apparently mango is out of season right now).

On a quick side note, it's interesting to see a number of familar food joints nearby in Biopolis, including a branch of Raj, Philly's Flavors, and even Andorra, a Spanish place I thought had shut down near Robertson Quay (the food wasn't anything great) but apparently merely moved here instead.


Anonymous said...


I recall you like sandwiches. You may want to try Project Cafe, 3rd Floor of Paragon. I've only tried the Turkey Cranberry sandwich - great flavour and a nice-sized portion that would satisfy. :)

Btw, enjoy your blog!


inex said...

you should check Annalakshmi out at Excelsior Hotel. They have got a wider range of choices there. Yeap same pay as you want policy :)

better to make a reservation on friday evenings and sats in case they have any events. Tel: 6339 9993

I love their food! :D