Monday, February 06, 2006

Samy's Curry Restaurant - redeemed

Clockwise from bottom right: white rice, boneless chicken tikka, chickpeas, raita, chicken masala, lamb curry, and fried mutton

This was loads better than my last experience here. The fried mutton was tasty without being too greasy, the chickpeas were nice and spicy, and the boneless chicken tikka was crispy. I've suddenly taken on a liking for this place. I've just gotta rememeber to stay in control and bypass all that stuff they bring out at first, like the prawns, calamari, and fish cakes.


Anonymous said...

Is this like some kind of buffet thing? wat r the prices like?

bma said...

Well, they bring out (literally) buckets and pails of food - you can choose to pass on items as you see fit. Actually, I don't know how they charge - presumably they count up how many items you took, but it's decently affordable enough that I don't even bother looking at how the prices break down here - I just pay the lump sum.

Tym said...

Samy's is not a buffet. You pay for what you eat --- how many pieces of chicken, fish, etc. Only things that are "free flow" are the rice and the veggies/dahl. Can't remember if they charge for pappadums, or if that's bundled in as well.

Oh, drinks are extra. Of course :)