Monday, November 14, 2005

Makan-Sutera Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak

Interestingly, this guy in Tanjong Pagar Plaza (#02-40) calls his shop "Makan-sutera" [sic], and even shows a picture of the local Makansutra food guide book on his sign. But in my 2001 version of Makansutra, he is not listed in the book (instead, his competitor just a few stalls down, Pandan Leaf, is listed).

Well, it doesn't really matter. This guy is one of my favorites. Why? For one, his mildly-green colored (from a pandan leaf, I think?) rice is very fluffy and full of coconut flavor, unlike many others that I have had. As well, this guy is more of a Chinese nasi lemak guy (rather than Malay), so he serves pork-based products like Spam (known affectionately here as "luncheon meat"). And boy, do I love the greasy salty taste of Spam! (I sure miss Hawaiian Spam musubi and pork lau lau plate lunches with macaroni salad!) Of course, this guy's chicken is also nice and crispy, and the chili sauce and everything else goes well with it (although he skimps a bit on the little ikan bilis fish). This all comes at a bargain price of S$2 (US$1.20).

It looks like this guy was also featured on Channel U's Yummy King show, assuming his signs are credible despite the "Makan-sutera" thing above. Anyway, keep in mind that he's open from 6 AM to 2 PM, so don't try heading down there to grab a late lunch like I tried doing a couple times - he simply shuts down.


inex said...

try the one @ boon lay hawker :)

xue said...

there's another at marine parade hawker opp parkway parade. the whole hawker centre has alot of good food. laksa, chau kway tiao, etc.

Anonymous said...

must try the char kway teow at marine drive blk 80 coffee shop next to polyclinic....simply yummy. So much Better then most...very balance all round. Must TRY!