Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Post-sauna snacks in Finland

Finnish Beers

Here's just some Finnish snacks after a sweaty-sauna-yet-biting-cold-dip-in-the-sea (it's the first day of snow here today) experience, including grill-your-own-sausages and a bunch of local beers, as well as some bread spreads and potato salad. The sausages were milder than I liked (I'm more inclined toward greasy and spicy kinds), but they were still good to have (what isn't good when it's cooked on a fire??). The beers were generally lagers, although the one on the left was some kind of fruity mix.

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Anonymous said...

i thought no one out there can both out travel and out eat me.. but u just prove me wrong ..

respect man... kw