Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Di Yi Ji Chong Fishball Shop

From top: stir fried mi fun rice noodles and Fuzhou fishball soup

One "lighter" things that I like to get in Taiwan is the Fuzhou fishball soup, which is a bit unique in the sense that the fishballs are stuffed with meat inside for a little bit of kick. This contrasts with the very thin and refreshing soup it sits in, with little bits of celery to taste. Today we went to Di Yi Ji Chong ("the first theater") Fishball Noodle Shop at Wu Xing street Lane 8, #8 (2735-0166, open from 10 AM to 9PM), where they also feature a big aromatic pile of stir fried mi fun rice noodles on the street side. I really like drizzling their hot sauce to go with the mi fun, as the hot sauce is heavily red oil-based with unique bits of sesame, rather than any heavy or sweet base. Both of these dishes are available for only NT$25 (US$0.75) each. Good, cheap, and simple!

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