Friday, September 09, 2005

Jing Jing Dessert House, Singapore

This place was dedicated to desserts (kinda like what you would find in HK with Chinese music playing overhead), and wasn't too bad, I must say. I had the coconut milk peanut covered tang yuan, which is a warm Chinese dessert of little glutinous rice balls with sweet ground black sesame seeds inside. It doesn't sound too appetizing, and indeed, it doesn't look too appetizing either with the black stuff oozing out. But it is good. It's a very lightly sweet taste but with a punch of sesame flavor, which I absolutely love. This is probably one of my favorite Chinese desserts.

I didn't quite try anything else, but they have a pretty extensive dessert menu (apparently they stake claim to "the very creative mango with coconut ice and the house's specialty [of] strawberries [and] mixed fruits in spiced red wine, not to forget the old day's roasted sweet potatoes"). It's across the street from the "whispering man" hot pot and is open until 11 PM (midnight on weekends...36 Temple Street, 6221-5531).

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