Friday, August 19, 2005

Yuzu-Shimizu, PSA Building


I'm told that these guys just moved over from Lock Road across the street to get closer to the businesses over here on Alexandra. I opted for the niku kami nabe largely for the novelty factor of cooking raw meat in a paper bowl on a fire (hey, it makes a nice picture too). The meat quality wasn't great (it was a sliced bit thick too - and they nearly forgot my sesame dipping sauce to go with it), but in the end, it was bearable. I'm not sure how the other menu items were either. I doubt I'll be coming here on my own accord too much, unless it's of course for a business lunch again.


Anonymous said...

the food at Yuzu Shimizu is great. my family loves the food there, especially the century egg tofu, salmon in wafu sauce which isn't in the menu, teppanyaki chicken and soft shell crab sushi. it's good food, good service and value for money.

Anonymous said...

Lei Garden next to Raffels best chinese I have ever had service - fresh fish - noodles - vegs - great place