Saturday, August 13, 2005

Singaporean Soft Drinks

Here's just a few local soft drinks that I encountered for the first time today at a hawker center. This one, Green Spot, is apparently quite old and was nearly shut down, but is still around, albeit in canned form rather than bottles. It tasted just like McDonalds' orange drink or Tang. (Actually, is it American? I sure never saw it in the US.)

This one, Sinalco, is apparently Malaysian. It tasted like carbonated Robitussin at first (yuck!), but it grew on me. I guess it's just a pseudo-cherry soda.

Finally, this isn't a drink, but this hawker had a tank of live frogs for food, which was a bit disturbing to me, even though I've certainly enjoyed frog legs before (yes, tastes like chicken).

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★Camille★ said...

Hi ya! Sinalco is a German drink. Not Malaysian.