Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Taco Shack, Austin, TX


I was still hungry after that smaller-than-expected enchilada, so I made a quick stop at Taco Shack, which has several locations across Austin. It claimed to be "Austin Homegrown since 1996," so I figured this was something unique to take advantage of. I grabbed a cheap chalupa and bean & cheese taco.

I'd hate to keep complaining, but these were a bore to me too (yawn!). Again, nothing stood out. I would have prefered more kick, be it manifested in the form of grease, spices, salsa, ingredients, or anything else. But it was rather mundane. OK, I'll admit that the bean & cheese taco, which they billed as simple yet refreshingly good, did indeed feature a nice clean and fresh taste. And the chalupa, which was more like a tostada, was at what I would consider to be more of "acceptable goodness," for lack of a better phrase. But it didn't wow me either. I'd eat it again, and may even get cravings from time to time, but given the choice, I'd much rather prefer Roberto's in San Diego.

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