Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ohsumi Shabu Shabu at Cuppage Plaza


Shabu shabu has always been one of my favorites. The beauty lies not only aesthetically (check out all the fat marbled in the beef), but most importantly, in the taste (kobe beef is often served in such thin slices as it really gives you the chance to truly appreciate the taste instead of in big chunks).

This place in Cuppage Plaza is true to taste (unlike the local steamboat, or even that horrendous "shabu shabu" I once had in Taipei with sweet egg - yuck!!!). They've got great ponzu and sesame seed sauces (spicy daikon too - yum), great quality meat, a crapload of veggies, and everything else you need, including salt & pepper for the very refreshing soup with udon to close off the meal. (I dunno if all that bok choy is very authentic though - for a while, some of these shops were forced to use some local veggies when the Pasir Panjang market was closed for bird flu or something.)

It's a shame that neighboring Kiraku closed down a couple years ago - I loved going in there for the one-man portions. Ohsumi has been here for a long time too, but their specialty is pork (which, interestingly enough, they claim huge health benefits from). I prefer beef though, and fortunately they do serve it of very good quality. Yum - it's deceptively filling too.

Cue Bill Murray's line in Lost in Translation: "What kind of restaurant makes you cook your own food?" I love it.

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